Santa Photos 2016- claim your free web-sized photo here

This is the abbreviated gallery of low-resolution watermarked digital files for download. Please note, these images are perfect for sharing online, but are not suitable for printing (to view the FULL gallery of high resolution images visit here:

To download your web-sized image, please follow these instructions:

1. First find your child (they are in the order they were taken….Saturday children start at #316). Click on your child’s image, then click the shopping cart icon.
2. Enter your name and email.
3. Select ‘Web-sized Social Media’ and click Add to Cart.
4. Click View Cart. It will show that the image is $10. You can then enter this discount code: SANTA and clickScreen Shot 2015 12 04 at 7 31 29 AM  to bring the cost to $0.
5. Click Complete Order. A zip file will be downloaded to your computer. Double click it and your image should appear.
6. There is one free image per child. If you have more than one child, you may repeat these instructions to claim your free web-sized image for your second (or third) child.
Thank you!

To see the full gallery and to purchase high-resolution files (for printing), please visit the full gallery here: